At first you should put a notice on the internet in and call the local animal shelter. Tell them what kind of a dog is missing.  If your dog is not at the shelter, give them your telephone number.

When you start searching for the dog, you have to leave from where the dog disappeared and have with you the owner's jacket, blouse or something which smells of the owner.  If the dog has been missing MORE THAN half an hour, you should not call it if you see it. 
You must talk peacefully instead.  It the dog likes to play with a toy which makes sound, you can make sounds with that toy if the area is safe or you can whistle. Keep the dog's own sweets in your pocket so that you can draw him to you.

Before you start searching, leave the dog owner's cloth and some food at the place from where the dog left.  Also water if it is a hot summer. A disappeared dog often returns sooner or later to the place from which it left. In case it snows or rains you can place the owner's cloth in a thin clean plastic bag. The dog can smell the owner through the plastic.

If the dog is not found advertise in newspapers and make A4 notices with the dog's picture.
You should return every day to the place where the dog disappeared
and take a metal grill with you and barbeque sausages, liver etc. If you hear that the dog has left the area, leave food and notices at the new area, and grill there if you can.

When the dog is near enough you can grap it.  If you call its name it will run away because its adrenalin is very high.
If the dog is near, do not look at it.
If you are in a safe place and you are really familiar with the dog and you happen to see it, you can pretend that you hurt yourself, start to weep loudly, and fall to the ground, so that the dog gets worried and recognises who you are.  Then he'll come to you.

If you have any questions, telephone 045 1693939



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